Loving Lately [#3]

1. Spindrift seltzer. This stuff has a hint of juice which makes it extra delicious! I recently tried the grapefruit flavor (pictured below), but I think my favorite is the raspberry lime. Trader Joe’s, you outdo yourself every time.

2. Dill pickle cashews. These are a recent Target impulse buy, and they are the weirdest yet tastiest little snack! Emphasis on “little.” My only complaint is that this serving only has like 3 1/2 cashews and I have to eat two bags at a time.

3. Garnachas taco truck. There is a taco truck about half a mile from my apartment that I used to always pass by and assume it was sketchy/not as good as Chipotle. Some friends and I took a chance on it a couple weeks ago, and it might just be my new favorite dinner spot. The people are so friendly and the chicken + avocado tacos are my best friend. Plus, they have killer fresh juice in flavors like pineapple and cantaloupe. Oh, and they give you sautéed cactus on the side. I would be lying if I said that I haven’t been there four times already.

4. Hacker. I just realized that the first 3 favorites are food related, so I had to toss in a non-edible one. Josh let me borrow this book and I cannot put it down! Very suspenseful.


5. WEDDINGS. I’ve been lucky enough to be in two weddings recently, one in Charlotte and one up in New Jersey, and both were a blast! It feels like such a gift to be constantly celebrating love, joy, and new beginnings. (Side note: 87 days to go until ours!)

jen wedding2
Getting ready with the bride
jen wedding
Beautiful friend walking down the aisle with her dad
larissa wedding2
Does anyone else get as excited about wedding food as I do?
larissa wedding
Had so much fun celebrating these friends!

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