Summer is here! Maybe not according to the calendar, but definitely according to both the North Carolina weather and my state of mind. I love it. I love the lazy walks through farmers markets, the fact that the ocean is warm enough for swimming, the gigantic iced coffees, the way the sun gets up early and stays out late, the dinners off the grill, and how everyone seems just slightly more relaxed and happy.

Grilled mahi with pineapple mango salsa, avocado, roasted brussels, & corn

This summer in particular already has a special place in my heart because it’s the summer I’m getting married to the love of my life! I haven’t annoyed anyone with a countdown in a solid four (ok, three) days, so here it is: 78 days to go! 

Photo Source

It already feels like my summer to-do list is growing by the minute (probably because it is…), and nearly every weekend is already planned out. Despite the busy-ness, I’m going to try my best to intentionally live at a slower pace. Each day, I want to say no to chaos and hurry and yes to the simple joys of these hot summer months.

cold tangerines
One of my favorite books by one of my favorite authors
Last Saturday Josh and I took a last minute day trip to Topsail with some friends from his PT program. It was totally worth the immobilizing sunburn that resulted 😉 
Shrimpies for dinner during our Topsail trip

As a kid, I remember feeling like summer was this magical expanse of time that could be filled in any way I chose- going to the pool, getting together with friends, chasing the ice cream truck, reading book after book on our screened-in porch, or staying up late watching movies.

As an adult, though, it seems like the only real difference between summer and the rest of the year is that the daylight hours are longer and you get really sweaty walking to your car. Although it seems to take an extra bit of intentionality, I think it’s still possible to capture those summer feelings of spontaneity, relaxation, and joy. It happens when we stay up late to watch an outdoor movie, swing outside on a hammock instead of sitting inside checking Instagram, take a spontaneous day trip to the beach, or go on a morning run while the heat and humidity are still being kept at bay.

Farmers market finds

Instead of making a daunting summer goal to read 100 books or get a “bikini body” (whatever that even means), I want to challenge myself to intentionally seek out rest and fun and out-of-the-ordinary moments. I’m aiming for less comparison and more gratitude. Less racing to the next thing and more enjoying the moment I’m actually in. Less time on social media and more meaningful interactions with the people I love. Summer, I’m ready for ya.


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