Loving Lately [#4]

Life has been so full lately, but in a really good way! I started a new job, moved into a new house with an amazing family from church, and Josh and I are putting the finishing touches on our wedding planning. Amidst the craziness, I’ve been enjoying lots of delicious food/drinks and just general summertime happiness, so I’ll share a bit of that here!

1. Guasaca. I have loved Guasaca and their arepas ever since some friends introduced me to the place last summer. Josh and I recently went to an employee appreciation event for his mom’s job, and guess what they had? Free Guasaca. It was embarrassing how many times we went back for more. [Side note: I don’t think the tamales were from Guasaca, but if there are ever tamales on the premises, I will find them and I will eat them.]


2. Trader Joe’s cold brew. This stuff is the jam, and helps me save money because I’m so much less likely to buy iced coffee out when I can make good stuff at home. This is technically a concentrate so I dilute it with a bit of water and then add lots of hazelnut creamer and some ice cubes. Voila!


3. Mediterranean Deli. This is certainly not a new favorite of mine, but I would be remiss if I kept publishing these types of posts and never mentioned it. I love ordering a sampler platter, and a typical plate for me usually consists of their mediterranean quinoa (it has sundried tomatoes and onions and spinach and oh my goodness it’s so tasty!), grilled chicken with peppers, and sauteed eggplant. Plus there is unlimited tahini, tzatziki sauce, olives, etc. Heaven on earth, I tell you.


4. Dead Mule Club. It may be a little aggressive for me to call this a favorite of mine, but Josh and I checked it out one night last week before we went shag dancing (which is another story) and really loved the laid back atmosphere and the fact that you can sit outside. I got my go-to mixed drink: vodka, grapefruit juice, and seltzer with a slice of lime. I feel super high maintenance typing that out, by the way. (Speaking of high maintenance, the picture below makes it look like Josh is on some important business call, but he was actually calling to ask about shag dancing!)


5. Local eggs. The family that I’m living with has their own chickens, so when I say local, I mean like in my backyard. So cool! Collectively, their chickens lay about 5 eggs per day, and I feel like lately I have been responsible for eating most of them. Luckily the people I’m living with are super generous and let me eat all of their delicious food to my heart’s content! Below is a picture of a recent breakfast- eggs from their chickens + roasted potatoes/onions + blueberries/melon. Plus ketchup, of course.


Happy summering, everyone!

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