Over the weekend, I went to Charleston for my sweet friend Kate’s bachelorette party! We had so much fun strolling the streets, looking at beautiful houses, playing hilarious wedding games, and eating incredible food.

We arrived on Friday night and made chicken tacos at the house before going to The Vendue. I wasn’t on my photo game that night, but it was a really fun spot with a pretty rooftop bar that had lots of umbrellas and twinkly string lights.

Our first stop on Saturday morning was Welkin Coffee for some caffeination. When we asked about cold brew, they told us that instead they did “Japanese iced coffee” which is hot coffee over ice. I got one with almond milk which was delicious, but didn’t sway me away from my beloved cold brew!


We then went on a walking tour of the city, which was beautiful and magical and made me wish I could move there yesterday. It downpoured halfway through our tour, which was kind of fun and a welcome break from the 100 degree heat.




For lunch we went to Tabbuli, which I did not photograph because I got the Jerusalem salad which our waiter neglected to tell me was nothing but chopped cucumber and tomato on a lettuce leaf. Womp womp. I would definitely try this place again, though, and just order something else!

The afternoon was spent walking around King Street and then heading back to the house to relax a bit. Walking tours are no joke! Since our dinner reservations weren’t until 9:15, we decided to eat dessert first. We went to Carmella’s where we played Matrimony (if you want to feel super uncomfortable and laugh a lot, play this game!) and ate insanely good desserts. My favorite was the berry cheesecake.


Dinner was at Poogan’s Porch, which I had heard lots about and couldn’t wait to try. It was totally worth the 9:15 reservation! They started off strong with fluffy biscuits that were honestly the best I’ve ever tasted, especially when topped with melty honey butter. For my entree I went with the vegetarian dish that consisted of farro, mushrooms, tomatoes, a few other unidentified veggies and a sauce that was out of this world. I would order this again a million times.


Sunday began with a visit to Black Tap Coffee where we did a crossword puzzle and drank lavender lattes (oddly delicious!) and laughed about how Instagram has taken over the world. I think we saw everyone in there ‘gram their drink… us included. 😉


Before we left Charleston, our generous bride-to-be treated us to brunch at Cannon Green. This place was amazing! There was a DJ playing techno-ish music, our waiter comped our mimosas, and I basically felt like I was in a really trendy greenhouse the entire time. They started us off with mini scones (I’m such a sucker for anything mini) and then I ordered the avocado toast. I really wanted to branch out, but the minute I saw this on the menu I knew there was no turning back. Definitely a good choice! I’d also love to go back and order their shrimp and grits.



Charleston is just so charming and full of delicious food, picturesque sights, and kind people. It was the perfect place to spend a weekend celebrating one of my best friends as she prepares for marriage!


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  1. Wonderful post! My fiancé and I just went to Charleston the weekend of the 4th of July. So cool to see someone else’s point of view of this beautiful city. -Meg


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