Loving Lately [#7]

I have a list about a mile long of things I’ve been loving lately, but here are my top 5!

1. Bulletproof coffee. I’m finally realizing that this is a trend for a reason- it’s delicious! It took me about a year to try it just because it sounds so weird. There are several recipes floating around, but I’ve been using: 8 ounces hot coffee, ~1 tablespoon butter (I use Kerrygold), ~1 tablespoon coconut oil, and canned coconut milk. Whiz it up and the blender and you have a frothy, tasty drink! You could also add cinnamon and sugar if you’re feeling really crazy.


2. Mumford & Sons “There Will Be Time.” No words. I just love it!

3. ProBar’s koka moka almond butter. This was a completely random find at REI, of all places. It is basically all my favorite things in one little packet. I’ve been craving smoothies for breakfast lately but they don’t keep me very full, so nut butter packs like these are the perfect accompaniment to take on the road with me.


4. Brier Creek Beer Garden. Josh and I just moved to the Brier Creek area, so we’re still discovering its hidden gems. On the eve of my 27th birthday, we went here to grab a drink and celebrate. I got a cab sauv and Josh got an IPA which were both good. I loved the atmosphere and all of the plants and stringy lights (two of my faves!). We would definitely go back here again, especially during the warmer months when we can sit outside on the patio.



5. Homemade bread. My sincere apologies to anyone who has spent time with me in the past few weeks and is sick of hearing about bread, but I feel like I uncovered some age-old secret! Did anyone else know that making your own bread (sans bread machine) was so easy, and so delicious? I did not. I’ve been experimenting with different flour blends, add-ins, etc. New hobby! I used this recipe for my first trial run and loved it.

Proud mama
This one is 1/2 whole wheat and 1/2 white flour- turned out a little chewier!




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