What I Ate (Intuitively) Wednesday

If you’re an avid food blog reader, you’ve seen occasional “What I Ate Wednesday” posts. I think a lot of these are great and can give some fun food inspiration, but to be honest, a lot of them also seem to promote disordered eating. A quarter cup of oatmeal topped with three blueberries for breakfast is not a meal, people! That is a snack, at best! Maybe those people really aren’t hungry or something? Anyway. Something I have gradually become more passionate about is FREEDOM in regards to food and body image. I see so many people enslaved to what our culture tells us to look like and eat, and I know for a fact that is not how Jesus intends for us to live (holla at Galatians 5:1 if you don’t believe me!). I know from experience that this way of living is shallow and meaningless; a dead-end road that leads only to a perpetual cycle of self-absorption. NO THANKS.

That being said, I thought it would be fun to share my version of “What I Ate Wednesday,” not as a means of comparison, but rather to share what a day of intuitive eating looks like for me. Key words- for me! That’s the beauty of intuitive eating – when we are actually listening to our bodies, we will be free to eat what we want and how much we want without comparing ourselves to other people who have completely different bodies and lives than we do.

I want to set the stage for this post with a beautiful quote I read recently:

“We become so fixated on the food we eat- or don’t eat- that we fail to realize food itself is not our enemy. Food is a good gift from a loving Father, given to turn our hearts and minds to Him in worship.”Asheritah Ciuciu

Preach it, Asheritah! Ok, here we go:


I love love love getting up early in the mornings (poor Josh) and typically start my day with a cup of coffee as I read the Bible and journal. This makes such a big difference in how the rest of my day goes! Side note: I like to use coconut milk as my coffee creamer- it makes it taste almost (almost!) like a latte.

This particular Wednesday morning I ended up having enough time to make buckwheat pancakes for breakfast, which are one of my faves.


I cooked this bad boy in coconut oil so the bananas would get all sweet and caramelized and it was the best decision ever. I topped the pancake with sunflower seed butter and maple syrup that my cousins in Ohio tapped themselves!

Since I eat breakfast pretty early, I always get a little snacky before my lunch break at noon. I rarely have time for “real” snacks and usually just grab something in between patients. On this day I had a heart-shaped Reese’s to tide me over. We can all agree that candy in holiday shapes tastes way better, right?!


Normally I am on top of my lunch game, but this past week I worked on Sunday which is when I usually prep meals. I decided to throw together chopped sweet potato and black beans and then added a lime dressing, cumin, and smoked paprika. (Cumin + smoked paprika = best friends.) Once at work, I added half of an avocado. For being thrown together last minute, this meal was pretty good and also very filling!


After work I ran some errands and snacked on this trail mix I made with peanuts, raisins, and banana chips. Um… why has no one told me about banana chips before?! They are so good!


Once I got home, Josh and I did a quick 20 minute workout together at our apartment gym. I’m convinced that workouts are Josh’s love language, so we try to do them together a couple times a week depending on our schedules!


That evening we had a neighbor over for dinner and I made turkey burgers with sweet potato fries and roasted broccoli. You guys, this was the easiest and tastiest meal ever. The burgers and buns were from Trader Joe’s, and then I just used frozen broccoli and frozen Alexia sweet potato fries for the sides. The whole thing only took about 30 minutes to come together. (Don’t you worry- I had double the fries pictured!)


Our friend brought over these Harris Teeter chocolate chip cookies for dessert and they were so legit. I love having something sweet to end the night. This is a great example of intuitive eating for me- instead of resisting sweets, I choose the ones I like and let myself fully enjoy them. There is no need to trash up your precious mind with thoughts of calories, sugar, guilt, or the need to “burn off” “bad” foods. Food is morally neutral, and besides that, there are some things that are just good for the soul.

If you made it to the end of this post then I commend you, faithful reader. Now go enjoy some delicious food!

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