Soo before I was married, I could make a crockpot meal on Sunday and have it last nearly all week for dinners. Now… not so much! Sometimes I love cooking in the evenings and other nights I just want to pour a bowl of cereal and call it a day. Anyone else? I thought it would be fun to write a post on some of the easy (my #1 criteria for recipes) and delicious dinners we’ve been making lately! I apologize in advance for all of the shameless Trader Joe’s plugs I’ll be making.

This weekend was so warm and sunny that I was really craving a salad, which almost never happens. I picked up the salad kit pictured below from Trader Joe’s, then added roasted butternut squash, chicken, avocado, and some extra sunflower seeds.

This is what my salad dreams are made of!!! Josh boldly claimed that it was the best salad he’d ever had, and I might have to humbly agree. 😉

I’ve also been craving pesto! I need to make some of my own this summer, but for now, I think the grocery store is doing a great job. For this meal I cooked pasta and then when it was done I mixed in about half a jar of pesto, sundried tomatoes, some spinach, and chicken.

Easy peasy. This felt so “summery” to me! Will definitely be making it again.

Since we had leftover pesto, I decided to mix it up with some potatoes and salmon for another dinner. The salmon is from Costco and it is the bomb dot com.


If you haven’t tried pesto roasted potatoes yet, you must!

Another easy weeknight meal is crockpot BBQ chicken. Throw in frozen chicken thighs along with Carolina Gold BBQ sauce (from Trader Joe’s, where else?), chopped onion, apple cider vinegar, and then cook on low for 6 hours.


For sides I microwaved sweet potatoes and then made the easiest coleslaw ever using a bag of broccoli slaw + mayo + a little vinegar and sugar. Side note: we love eating outside but don’t have any patio furniture, hence why this meal was eaten on the ground!

If all else fails, we whip up breakfast for dinner. I actually loooove this meal and would probably be happy eating it every night of the week.


Just so you don’t think I’m some domestic diva who spends hours in the kitchen, rest assured that there are plenty of nights where we eat leftovers or go to Bar Louie for their burger special. Also, I neglected to mention this in the post, but Josh is quite the chef as well and I love it when he cooks for us. 🙂

Hope this gave you some meal inspiration and if you have any easy dinner recipes up your sleeve, send them my way!



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