Lake Day + Winston Salem

I love taking little weekend trips! This weekend, Josh and I went to Lake Norman to celebrate my dad’s girlfriend’s retirement, then on our way home we stopped in Winston Salem to visit Josh’s brother and check out his church.

On Saturday we spent most of the afternoon out on the boat and briefly went swimming in the (cold!) water. When we got back, we ate some delicious seafood chowder + garlic bread that my dad had made!



The whole day felt so summery and fun. 🙂

On Sunday, my dad made us brunch (he is becoming quite the chef!) and then we hit the road for Winston. Winston is such a cute little place and Josh and I walked around pretending we were house hunting.



We were strolling around downtown and saw a place called Burger Batch that had an amazing menu, so we stopped in for lunch/dinner/whatever it was!



The above deliciousness is nothing less than a sweet potato waffle topped with bacon, fried chicken, maple syrup, chopped pecans, and some unidentified yet amazing cream sauce. I KNOW.

After eating we went to an evening service at Two Cities, which is actually a church plant of Summit, our church in Raleigh! Everyone there was so friendly and welcoming and we basically loved everything about the worship service. Kind of makes me wish we went to a smaller church! Maybe one day. 🙂

Now we are back in Raleigh and Josh is starting his LAST clinical placement of grad school! Woohoooo!

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