Celebrating Smallness

I love any book that reminds me to slow down and take notice of the beauty in small, everyday moments, and Simply Tuesday does exactly that. Highly recommend!

“Noticing, celebrating, and embracing our Tuesdays is an outward expression of an inward posture. Maybe if I practice noticing the small in my daily life I will come to identify with the small in my soul. Maybe small won’t be something I fear or shrink from, but will be something I learn to embrace- slowly, quietly, with practice and intention.”


As I begin to slow, I see smallness is not a punishment but a gift. Rather than something to fear or run from, my smallness can be a celebration, an invitation for me to lie back on the wide, green earth and let the world spin the sun right up above me. I can breathe a sigh of sweet relief as I realize I had nothing to do with it.”

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