Ocean Isle Beach

Josh and I just got back from a long weekend with his family in Ocean Isle and I am feeling sun-dazed! Sometimes a few days away from “normal life” is the best medicine. I am also a huge fan of any vacation where the only agenda is to spend time together, be outside, and eat good food.


Josh and I started each morning with breakfast and a bike ride. It was usually pretty cool in the mornings, so it was nice to get in a bike ride before the heat crept in.


Waffle-ironed peanut butter & banana sandwich = best decision 


Our days were mostly spent at the beach- playing volleyball, making sand castles, jumping in the waves, and floating in the ocean on our giant raft. In the evenings we would play games, go on walks, and of course, enjoy good food and drinks. 🙂



All the sun and activity was exhausting, but in the best way possible, where you feel content and relaxed each night and then sleep like a rock. Nothing better.

One evening we went to Sugar Shack for dinner- if you are ever in Ocean Isle, you have to go! I don’t even like wings that much and I could have eaten an entire plate of their jerk chicken wings. Nothing was spicy, just super flavorful and delicious. Plus everyone who worked there was so friendly and accommodating.

The crew at Sugar Shack!

Now we are back in Raleigh and getting into the swing of things with laundry, grocery shopping, and work. I always have a hard time transitioning from vacation back into the daily rhythms of life, so I am making an extra effort to be intentional about finding joy in the little moments. Hope everyone is having a great week and squeezing out every drop of summer from these long and beautiful days!


One response to “Ocean Isle Beach”

  1. Loved the pictures. You two are just the cutest . Vacation looked like a great break from reality. Love you guys.. Grams


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