Pittsburgh Wedding

So… my mom got remarried this weekend! Josh, my sister and I all piled into my car on Friday morning to drive up for the festivities. My brother flew in and met us there (lucky duck). It was a super short trip but we squeezed in a lot- it kind of felt like a family reunion! The ceremony and reception were both at the Edgeworth Country Club, which was beautiful. Here’s a quick photo recap of the weekend:

Cute little street where we stayed in Sewickley (our AirBnB was the top floor of that brick house)
Rehearsal dinner at Andora
My mom, sister & me (my brother evades all photos)
Getting ready with my sweet grams- who always has a cup of coffee at the ready 😉
Right before my gorgeous mama walked down the aisle!
Because why not 🙂
Fact: I will always order the salmon at weddings
The newlyweds!
Watching my grandparents dance is just the best
And finally… it wouldn’t be a roadtrip without a flat tire! (Yes- that is a bike pump. We were desperate.)

After a wonderful weekend and some brief tire trouble, we made our way back to Raleigh on Sunday. I always feel a little sad when a happy weekend ends, but we have lots to look forward to in the coming weeks so I’m going to choose to focus on that instead. Hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the first lovely signs of FALL!

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