Weekend Gratitude

I loved reading this reminder last week to be thankful for the “mundane” things in life. In that same spirit, I wanted to make a list of things I was thankful for this past weekend!

-Sweet potato fries + vino… and my husband, of course 😉


-Playing Bananagrams


-Grocery store coupons (because I didn’t choose the Dave Ramsey life, the Dave Ramsey life chose me)

-Attending a continuing ed course at Duke (the subject was pediatric traumatic brain injury- super interesting! Made me miss the grad school days)


-Rollerblading with Josh

-Snuggling babies in the church nursery

-Watching Moana (might be my new favorite Disney movie!)


-Eggs and avocado toast

-Reading 1 John

-The smell of laundry

-Trying a new snack recipe


-Morning cups of tea

-Hosting small group at our apartment

-Crockpot chili

Have a great week, friends! When the days start to feel busy and overwhelming, let’s pause and come back to these simple moments of gratitude. 🙂

2 responses to “Weekend Gratitude”

  1. Reading this post this morning reminds me to be thankful for the mundane. The sweet potato fries look delicious, and you’re right, morning cups of tea, new recipes, and Moana are the best.


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