NC State Fair 2017

Aaaand it’s Monday again! Time flies, doesn’t it?! 😉

This weekend my dad and his girlfriend drove up from Charlotte to visit, so on Saturday we went to the NC State Fair along with my little sister.

Fun fact: I met my husband at the state fair! No, he wasn’t a carnie, although personally I think Josh would look super attractive handing out cotton candy or popping kettle corn. My roommate/best friend was dating his cousin at the time, and they set us up on a blind date of sorts. It’s strange to think that was 3 years ago!

My two favorite things at the fair are the swings and the kettle corn. Never mind the fact that the swings were constructed circa 1917 and are apt to break and catapult someone into space at any moment; these things mustn’t be considered when enjoying your day at the state fair. (I also love the giant turkey legs but am a little salty that the price is now $10!)

Our time at the fair consisted of all the usual suspects- random foods, petting prized farm animals and immediately hand-sanitizing, admiring thousand-pound pumpkins (and I was complaining about chopping a little butternut squash!), and just generally enjoying walking around in the sunny October weather. Call me a southerner, but I really do look forward to this weekend every year!

Just for funsies- I found where I (briefly) recapped our time at the fair last year. My hair was so short! On a side note, I am terrible at hair care and that was actually the last time I got it cut. Whoops. 

Enjoy your week, everyone!

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