Loving Lately [#15]

Hi friends! I feel like I haven’t done one of these bad boys in awhile, so here goes:

1. Bananagrams. Have I mentioned how much I love this game? I think my introvert self likes that there is minimal interaction with others. πŸ˜‰ Also- words! I love words. This game reminds me of Scrabble but… better. Plus it comes in a cute banana pouch so you can’t argue with that.

2. Nello’s lavender sauce. My in-laws gave this to us to try, and Josh and I both loved the lavender flavor so much! It sounds weird but it really isn’t overpowering at all. I mixed some fresh basil and ground chicken into it, then served it over pasta for dinner one night.

3. Pumpkin Spice Rx bars. When I initially tried Rx bars I didn’t love them because they were a little too chewy for my liking, but I will buy a seasonal item in a hot minute. I’m glad I gave these bars another chance because I loved this flavor! It was the perfect on-the-go snack. Will definitely be stocking up before they go out of season.

4. Not in a Hurry by United Pursuit. My friend sent me this song a few weeks ago and I have been listening ever since. It reminds my soul to slow down and rest in the presence of God- the only place we find true peace. The lyrics are so beautiful!

5. Perfect Bars. Apparently I’m into overpriced bars these days? I found this one at Trader Joe’s in the refrigerated section and just had to taste test. It is basically a brick of almond butter and honey (aka perfection), and it was especially delicious after being warmed up in the microwave for about 10 seconds. There are several other flavors that I’m excited to try whenever my wallet allows!

That’s all I got for now. πŸ™‚ Enjoy the rest of your week!

4 responses to “Loving Lately [#15]”

  1. I have yet to try Perfect Bars (I’m a little behind), but I’ve been thinking I might splurge and buy a couple next time I see them. And the lavender sauce! That sounds so interesting and looks delicious!


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