28 Things

In honor of my 28th birthday tomorrow (!!!), I decided to make a list of 28 things in my life that I am currently grateful for- big or small. This also coincides perfectly with Thanksgiving, which is one of my very favorite holidays. Let’s goooo!

1. Being married to Josh


2. Helping patients who have had strokes, brain injuries, etc.

3. Listening to podcasts on my way to work

4. Free coffee at our apartment complex

5. The Raleigh and Durham farmers markets

6. Going to friends’ weddings

7. Coconut errythang

8. Living ~30 minutes away from two of my best friends and my sister


9. My new favorite Nike sweatpants

10. Eucalyptus in a vase on our kitchen table

11. The “Incredibull” from Happy + Hale

12. Writing on this blog

13. Passing a Trader Joe’s on my way home from work

14. Getting Josh hooked on Grey’s Anatomy

15. Rollerblading


16. Living near a public library

17. Our first batch of home-brewed kombucha

18. $5 burger night at Bar Louie

19. Hiking at Umstead Park


20. Penpals

21. Inspirational people on Instagram


22. Sunday night small group

23. Season 2 of Stranger Things

24. Serving in the church nursery aka holding chubby kiddos

25. Yoga videos on YouTube

26. Crockpot dinners on repeat

27. Saturday morning boot camp

28. Plants on the patio


Have a lovely Thanksgiving week, everyone! Sing some praises and eat some turkey!

4 responses to “28 Things”

  1. Hope your birthday is filled with some of these wonderful, smile-inducing things. Gratitude posts are some of my favorites. I love how my whole perspective changes when I reflect on all the blessings I get to experience every day. Happy Thanksgiving 🙂


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