Hilton Head 2017

Happy Monday, friends! It’s back to the grind for me this week. I love my job, but a week away was exactly what this tired soul needed. It felt really freeing to have so many consecutive days without a schedule or to-do list.


Hilton Head has a special place in my heart not only because I’ve been visiting every year since I was born, but also because Josh and I honeymooned there! During this year’s trip we stayed in Shipyard with my dad, his girlfriend Jamie, and her adorable grandson, Brently. I could not get enough of snuggling his sweet little self! Baby fever going strong over here!

I mean come on.

Our vacation was full of all the good stuff- staying in PJs all morning, walking and biking along miles of beautiful trails, sunshine, tasty food, laughing, and just being together. So so thankful. Ok I think I’m done rambling about how much I love unstructured vacation time… here are some photos!

Visiting Lawton Stables




Green smoothies + Jenga at The Smoothie Company


Vacation breakfasts are the best breakfasts


Lunch at Java Burrito



Also, in unrelated news, this is the first year I am doing an Advent devotional and I’m pretty excited about it. I found an excellent free one here at Gentle Leading– I’m not sure if you can still sign up to get them delivered to your inbox, but if not it looks like she is posting them on the site every day. Here’s to a joyful and expectant beginning of this Advent season!

2 responses to “Hilton Head 2017”

  1. So glad you got a much-needed week off! Vacation breakfasts are by far the best breakfasts and yours looks delicious! Brently is adorable. How fun that you got to spend time with him. And thanks for the link to the Advent devotional! I was wanting to start going through one; heading off to check that one out now!


    • Yes it was so nice! And I’ve been loving the advent devo so far although it does talk about motherhood a lot, so in those cases I just sub in “job/vocation” and I feel like it makes it more relevant for my current life stage 🙂


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