What if…

…there was nothing about your body that needed to be changed?

One of my biggest fears used to be gaining weight and not being satisfied with my body. But you know what? A funny thing happened when I allowed my body to gain the weight it needed to- I actually started to appreciate and respect it more. This isn’t to say that every single day I am in love with my body and never have bad body image days. Not at all! Pretty sure I wouldn’t be human if that was the case. I think what happened is that once I stopped trying to control my body size, I was able to appreciate it for what it was instead of focusing all my energy on trying to change it.

So this is what I like to ask myself: How would I eat/move/live if there was nothing about my body that needed to be changed?

Think about that question. Take a deep breath. And then take action on that joyful and free way of living.

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