Daily eats [4/7/18]

I recently did a survey on my Instagram stories regarding blog content and was surprised that almost all of you said you enjoyed daily eats posts. Ask and you shall receive, my friends! This day of eats is from this past Saturday. Before we begin, I want to remind everyone that the point of these posts is not to compare, but instead to inspire you to find your own freedom with food and intuitive eating!

Started the day with some homemade cold brew- recipe coming later this week!


Breakfast: toasted bagel with cream cheese and spinachy eggs


Choco chip Clif bar for a late morning snack


Lunch: leftover chickpea coconut curry, based off this recipe


Free din at a church meeting! Chicken sandwiches, chips, cookies, and sparkling water. Went back for another sandwich 🙂


Nighttime snack of shredded wheat cereal + banana + almond milk

I think the biggest challenge for me with intuitive eating is truly giving myself permission to eat and enjoy all foods, instead of just sticking to what diet culture deems acceptable. As I’ve gotten more comfortable listening to my body’s internal cues/cravings rather than following external rules, I’ve grown to trust my body more and realize that it is way smarter than I give it credit for.

Have a wonderful week, and take time to savor the foods that you love!

4 thoughts on “Daily eats [4/7/18]

  1. Alright, I need to try that coconut curry. ALSO…I love that you shared the point of sharing daily eats is to inspire freedom not compare. I think food posts can be totally freeing and also give people ideas for ways to mix in new foods at the same time. All about perspective.

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    1. I agree and sometimes I’m hesitant to do posts like this because it is inevitable that some people will compare, but my hope is that it inspires others to start eating more intuitively! Thanks for reading, Aubrey! And yes definitely try that curry recipe 😉


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