Daily eats [4/21/18]

It’s time for another daily eats post! The weekends are the only days that I have enough time to actually capture everything I eat, so this day of eats is from Saturday. As always, before we begin I want to give a friendly reminder that the point of these posts is not to compare, but instead to inspire you to find your own food freedom. I’ve found that for me, in this current season of life, I typically need to eat at least 3 meals and 3 snacks per day. I like keeping my meals pretty simple. I don’t love meat, but my husband does, so we have it several times a week for dinner. Oh, and I always need something sweet before bed! Since breaking free from diet culture, it’s taken time to figure out my favorite foods as well as how much food I actually need during the day to feel satisfied and avoid becoming ravenous. The bottom line: find what works for you!

Saturday morning started with an unpictured cup of coffee + cream and a breakfast of toast with almond butter, banana, and cinnamon (plus a glass of milk).


I lounged around in the morning, and then went to do our grocery shopping. They were giving out free clementines at the store, so I snacked on one in the car.


After unloading the groceries at home, I went outside to do some gardening! I guess gardening is a pretty strong word because I really just planted a few things in our flowerbox, but still. There is something about being outside with plants and dirt and sunshine that makes me so happy!

For lunch, I had a weekend favorite (which you will probably see repeated around here)- spinachy eggs + leftover rice. I couldn’t decide if I wanted cheese or not so I put a few chunks of cheddar on part of it. This meal is so satisfying to me, not to mention super easy, and I always try to have extra rice on hand so I can whip it up.


I also had some kombucha- a lemon ginger batch that we just finished brewing! And yes, my husband did make stickers with our (very unofficial) “Tall Ginger Brewing” logo on it.


After lunch, Josh and I headed to the NC State Fairgrounds to meet up with my sister and check out the weekly flea market, aka our new favorite hobby. They have absolutely everything there- bikes, snacks, clothes, furniture, etc. So much fun to peruse! We came home and I was super hot + thirsty and feeling a little snacky, so I made a blueberry banana smoothie to tide me over until dinner.


Then we headed over to the NC Courage women’s soccer game for a bit. Josh gets free tickets through work and the soccer field is only about 5 minutes from our house, so it’s easy for us to pop over and catch part of the game. I’ve started to really love watching soccer!

Later in the evening my sister came over and we grilled out: hot dogs, plantains, asparagus, and corn on the cob. Felt like summer!


Before bed I was craving something chocolatey, so I rooted around in the pantry and came up with this Trail Nuggets bar from Trader Joe’s, which I enjoyed with a glass of milk. Have you guys tried these yet? I really like them! Very chocolatey and peanut buttery, which is one of the best combos in my book.


And that concludes another day of eats! This day felt pretty “easy” as far as eating intuitively, but other days can feel hard. If I’m being honest, in some ways it would be much easier for me to just follow a set of rules or guidelines (aka dieting- UGH!), but I’m done with living in the prison of diet culture. Some days I just have to actively fight against it more than others. I love how intuitive eating challenges me to let go of the externals (calories, carbs, what other people are eating, what the media is currently glorifying or vilifying) and tune in to the internals (how hungry/full I am, what I’m craving, what amount will be satisfying, etc). Food freedom is certainly a journey, but one that I’m excited to continue pursuing.

See you guys back here later this week!

2 thoughts on “Daily eats [4/21/18]

  1. Loved what you said at the end! I completely agree that it would be so much easier to just follow a set of guidelines, but i know that when I was doing that, I was not happy.

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