A Place at the Table

On a a recent sunny spring day after church, Josh and I decided to check out A Place at the Table for lunch. The newly opened restaurant in downtown Raleigh describes themselves this way:

“We are a welcoming and inviting space that provides an opportunity for all people to come and experience conversation and community while enjoying an excellent, fresh, and healthy meal. People long for a community, a place to fit in, a place to feel welcome, and a place to be a part of something bigger than just themselves.”


A Place at the Table offers a menu of delicious breakfast and lunch foods using a pay-what-you-can model. They have suggested prices but will take any amount (including extra donations, of course!). I absolutely love their concept of creating a sense of community around food, and offering a space where everyone is welcome.

On the afternoon that Josh and I visited, the retractable garage-style window wall was pulled up to create an open-air atmosphere. The place was buzzing with patrons and volunteers, and everyone seemed to be wearing a smile on their face. Everything on the menu sounded amazing, from the Belgian waffles to the sandwiches to the baked goods from Ninth Street Bakery.


I went with the turkey, bacon, and avocado club on toasted sourdough bread. It was full of thick slices of turkey, swiss cheese, mashed avocado, bacon, mustard, and the best part- a drizzle of honey. I’m pretty sure I told Josh, mouth full of food, “This is the best sandwich I’ve ever eaten!” Josh ordered the chicken salad sandwich, which he also proclaimed to be one of the best he’s had in a long time. The sandwiches came with a generous bag of kettle-cooked chips (I got BBQ, Josh got honey sriracha) to make for a very filling meal.


If you live in Raleigh or are just here for a visit, this restaurant is surely worth a stop. I am so excited to go back again soon to try their breakfast foods!


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