Spring Weekend

And just like that, April is almost over. How?! We have a lot of fun things coming up in May so I am definitely excited for the start of a new month, just feeling a little mindblown as to how the year is passing so quickly.

I have several photos from this past Saturday and figured if I can’t unload them all on this blog, then where can I? Saturday was one of those days that was full of a lot of fun things, but also really difficult. Does anyone else have those days? Where you’re like I’m having a great time and feeling thankful but also a little bit sad? If I just lost a bunch of you there then congratulations, because that is a super weird feeling and one I would usually rather bypass. But I think I am slowly learning to accept the bitter with the sweet. Welcome to life, right?!

Ok, on to the photos! Josh went to do one of those zombie runs with some friends in the morning, so I decided to head to Jubala for an iced coffee and a stroll around NC State’s campus. It was so lovely- although not as lovely as UNC’s campus, of course! 😉


Later on in the morning I swung by Home Depot to check out their garden section (my happy place!) and get some herbs, soil, pots, etc. Gardening is quickly becoming my new favorite weekend hobby!


Once Josh got home we went on a short walk (it was sunny and in the upper 70’s!) and then just relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. I am at the tail end of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and cannot put it down.

On Saturday evening we met up with my in-laws at Gonza in Durham! Chips and guac, fried plantains, wine, and tacos were enjoyed. The weather was so nice and we got to eat outside and then explore the city a bit. Can I let you in on a secret? Raleigh is fun and everything, but I absolutely love downtown Durham. (Also, we walked right past the place where Josh and I stayed for our first wedding anniversary!)




Sunday was a pretty chill day with church, some time spent in the sunshine, and small group. Now I’m feeling rested and ready for the week! In other news, I wrote a guest post for my friend Alex’s blog, How She Does It, all about why I gave up dieting. You can check it out here! Have a great week!


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