Daily eats [5/7/18]

Welcome to another daily eats post! This was from a recent Monday when I was off work. I had to go to Chapel Hill for something (aka one of the best places on earth) and got to eat at my favorite restaurant, Med Deli, so this was automatically an excellent food day. As always, I hope this post is not a means of comparison but rather inspiration to find your own freedom when it comes to food!


Started the day with iced coffee, per usual


Breakfast was a mix of shredded wheat + granola + almonds + blueberries hiding underneath


Was feeling yucky (allergies? cold?) and had a bunch of these Honees cough drops


Car snacks


Lunch at Med Deli!


Afternoon snack = a few squares of this (delicious) chocolate


Josh grilled for din! Chicken, eggplant, and plantains


This stuff was on sale so you know I had to snag some. Such a good flavor, and it even had little PB cups in it!

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