Loving Lately [#18]

Hello lovelies! Long time no see! Josh and I got back from a cruise about two weeks ago and since then I have been enjoying the (almost) social-media-free life. Recently I got an itch to write about some things I’ve been loving these days, so here we are!

Life Without Lack by Dallas Willard. This book focuses on the reality of Psalm 23 and it is INCREDIBLE. All I can say is go read it asap!

Smoothie bowls.
Self-explanatory. I’m pretty sure I post excessively about these every summer so just bear with me!


Hats are super underrated, am I right? As someone with curly/wavy/unruly hair, they are a lifesaver at the beach and pool. I plan to wear hats a lotttt this summer and thought they deserved a shoutout.


NC Art Museum trails.
I love this place and am so thankful it is only a ~5 minute drive from where we live. It is perfect for walking, biking, or relaxing in your Eno with a book. I plan to continue doing all three!


This is a tasty little restaurant in downtown Raleigh that has delicious salads, burgers, fries, smoothies, etc. They also seem to source a lot of their ingredients locally which is awesome. I went once with Josh and once with a friend and both times were excellent. (Just for the record, it doesn’t quite beat Happy + Hale, which is right across the street!)


Hope everyone is having a lovely SUMMER so far! I suppose it’s not “officially” summer yet, but I think it’s about to be. By the way, I really want to post a recap about our recent vaca and maybe chat about intuitive eating while on a cruise…? TBD!

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