At one point this summer, Josh and I got super excited about the prospect of juicing and bought a used Jack LaLanne juicer off of Let Go for $20 in a Whole Foods parking lot. Never mind the fact that it is partially broken… it still gets the job done!


We’ve been experimenting with different combos and I think we finally found our favorite: beet, apple, carrot, and ginger. It is a gorgeous deep purple color with a fair amount of sweetness paired with that ginger bite that I love. As a side note, I normally do not touch beets at all because I’m worried they will a) stain everything and b) be hard to cut, but Josh handled the beets like a pro for this juice and now I am slightly less scared of them. But will still have him do all the beet-chopping in our family, of course. 😉

By the way, does anyone else immediately think of Dwight Schrute when beets are mentioned?! Another thing we have been loving this summer: The Office.

Ok, just wanted to share our fantastic juice combo with you all! It’s so pretty I can’t get over it!




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