November updates

Hello hello, to anyone still reading! I meant to start posting here more regularly and then… life. πŸ˜‰

Some November thangs:

Last weekend I went on a mountain retreat with my friend and her church, and it was magical. Our theme verse was Psalm 46:10- “Be still, and know that I am God.” We talked a lot about creating boundaries, cultivating calm and stillness, and living wholeheartedly. So good for my soul!

I turn 29 next week! Normally I love celebrating my birthday, but this year I am having major mixed feelings. I remember so clearly on my last birthday hoping that on this birthday I would be a mama, and so it is very painful to reflect on the past year in light of that journey. I am trying not to let it steal my joy, especially since there are so many other wonderful things in my life right now. As my counselor says, sometimes you have to learn to “suffer well.” I’m hoping that the past year has strengthened me in that way.

I’ve really been enjoying my job lately. We have been getting a lot more pediatric patients, so right now my caseload ranges in age from 11 years old to about 65! It makes for quite an interesting day. I also moved into a nice new office, which doesn’t hurt matters. πŸ˜‰

Josh and I are super excited for Thanksgiving because this is the first year we are hosting! We will be having 3 international students from NC State over to our little abode. Funny story… Josh went out and bought a 14 pound turkey, only to later find out that ALL of our guests are vegetarian. Whoops. More turkey for us I suppose!


I wrote a guest post on In The Quiver about food and body image. Check it out if you get the chance- I hope it is encouraging to you!


Josh is doing “no shave November.” LOL. I love that guy.

My Little came over for dinner last night and we made this chicken fried rice recipe which was delicious. Highly recommend!

I also have a really exciting update coming SOON that I am not quite ready to share on the blog yet, just in case it falls through. How’s that for positive thinking? Ha. It is something I feel very passionate about and definitely want to discuss on this space, though, so stay tuned.

Ta ta for now!

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