2018 holidays!

As always, the holidays passed by in a blink. And now it’s 2019!!! Josh and I sat down together and wrote out a few “intentions” for each month of the year, which was really fun. January is all about trying NEW things, with a goal of visiting 3 new places this month (restaurants, cities, etc). I’m excited!

Below are some photos from the holiday season, from Thanksgiving until now. I didn’t have much time off work, which made me appreciate time with family and friends that much more. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday as well and are ready for a WONDERFUL new year!

Homemade cinnamon rolls
Little sis ❤
First time trying Pad Thai- YUM.
Lots of QT with this cutie 😉
Christmas day
Holding my new niece! 
Ice skating/trying not to fall
Chipotle with my Little

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