City BBQ

Last night, all I wanted was to a) not cook dinner, and b) eat a giant plate of meat. Part b of that sentence is very unlike me, because I could normally go weeks without meat and not even notice. But not yesterday! Maybe it was a full moon or something. (Just googled that… it wasn’t.)

Josh and I decided to use our monthly restaurant budget to go to one of our faves, City BBQ. The real highlight of this story is the fact that we waited until January 17 to use our restaurant budget, which is usually gone in the first week of the month. Also, if you really want to know how cheap we are, I’m not ashamed to tell you that we sat in the parking lot and ordered from Josh’s phone so we could utilize a “$5 off your online order” coupon. Paying off those student loans one coupon at a time, baby!

We decided on a sampler platter which came with beef brisket (THE BEST!!!), smoked turkey, pulled pork, pulled chicken, Texas toast, and 2 sides. Can you tell which meat was my favorite? They also have a Cheerwine BBQ sauce that is soo tasty on all the meats. Plus unlimited homemade pickles!

For my side I ordered the superfood slaw because anything with the word “superfood” in it gets me every time, but it was a little citrusy for my taste. Next time I’ll go with the potato salad, which I’ve had before and loved. Josh got the collards which were top notch.

What I’m trying to say here is get your booty to City BBQ! And, of course, download their app so you can enjoy a steady stream of various $5 off coupons. 🙂

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