Moroccan stew

Today I tried a recipe from one of my new cookbooks! For some reason, Monday is my favorite night of the week to cook. There is something so calming to me about getting back into a routine after the weekend.

I went with the Moroccan stew from Laura Wright’s gorgeous cookbook, The First Mess. It had so many ingredients and flavors I love- sweet potatoes, dates, cinnamon, and cumin, just to name a few. The house smelled amazing, and it was the perfect cozy dinner for a cold day. My mom (who lives in Pittsburgh) informed me today that 50 degrees is not considered “freezing cold,” but I beg to differ. 😉

I served this stew with red quinoa and it was so warm and comforting. I would definitely make this meal again and honestly I am excited about lots of other recipes in this cookbook as well (the salted caramel date shake is going to be in my blender SOON). Yay for kitchen inspiration!

Hope everyone is having a nice start to the week!

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