Foster & respite care

Last year, Josh and I made the decision to become licensed foster parents. It has been a long process that we aren’t quite done with yet, but we are close! Right now, we are providing respite care for three sweet little bebes a couple weekends a month. It has been such an adventure!


Going from zero to three kids literally overnight was overwhelming. I had NO IDEA how much kids cried and pooped! In retrospect it seems obvious, but I guess social media had me fooled. 😉 That being said, Josh and I absolutely adore these kids and have been having so much fun with them. I found a double stroller at a thrift shop that the girls love, and we discovered that the little boy is nuts about the carousel at Pullen Park. Slowly but surely, we are learning how to take care of them. A good old fashioned sense of humor has been key!


For now we are just doing the weekend warrior thing, but eventually we will have a foster child placed in our home full time. Our plan is to continue helping these three kiddos even when we have our foster child, so anyone who wants to come cuddle babies and help us maintain some sanity will be a welcome guest in our household!

If anyone has done foster/respite care or is interested in it, I would love to chat! Eventually I want to write up a post on the full process to becoming a foster parent, but for now, just enjoy these pictures of little munchkins with hearts awkwardly placed over their faces for confidentiality purposes. 🙂






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  1. This is amazing! I’m glad I found your blog. I am single and never want to have my own kids but I have a passion for foster care and adoption because I think it’s really important and my heart goes out to children who do not have good home lives or parents.

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