Weekend recap [2/15/19-2/17/19]

I feel like we are finally getting into a rhythm with our little kiddos! This weekend they were all generally happy and playful and everyone slept through the night, which is a complete win in my book.

Friday afternoon after work, I picked up the little loves and then we met Josh at the art museum for a quick stroll.

After the museum we did our typical bed-and-bath routine. Usually I bathe the girls and get them ready for bed while Josh and E (the boy) eat dinner. I put the girls down around 7, and Josh gives E a bath before he goes to bed around 8. Then I eat a nice quiet dinner by myself which is actually awesome. 😉

Saturday morning we kept the kids busy for awhile with living room dance parties and such (shoutout to Kidz Bop), and then I started getting a little stir crazy and wanted to go out! So we loaded everyone up in the car and headed to Starbucks. We shamelessly went through the drive-thru and then sat in the parking lot while Josh and I enjoyed our drinks, the girls relaxed in their car seats (car seats are magical!), and E watched “The Lorax” in the back. It was glorious.

Oh yeah, and before we drove home we had the brilliant idea to stop at Grand Asia Market because Josh has been trying to find kelp noodles for awhile. It makes TOTAL sense to tote 3 kids into Grand Asia Market on a rainy Saturday morning looking for kelp noodles, right? 😉 So anyway we walk in and E immediately yells, “IT STINKS IN HERE!” Unfortunately I could not disagree with him. Surprisingly the girls were very quiet and content in the store, probably because there was so much to look at, whereas E just kept asking if we could go home and eat donuts. Not your worst idea, buddy.

After our grand adventure the girls napped and we ate some lunch. Then we got everyone ready to head to Josh’s parents’ house for the day. Their place is like kid heaven! So many toys and games and treats. We told E we were going to meet “Grandma Jenny and Papa Jeff,” which he then translated to, “Papa Jenny and Giraffe.” Kind of has a nice ring to it!

By the time we got home that night, all the cherubs were tired and a little grumpy, so we put them right to bed. There is a feeling of such accomplishment when it’s 8pm and the house is quiet. Glory!

On Sunday morning I got up early to do some cleaning and laundry before the little people woke up. About an hour later, this precious baby joined me!

My faaaavorite thing is when one of the twins wakes up before the other kids and we get to have one-on-one snuggle time while they are still calm and semi-sleepy. It’s the absolute best.

We relaxed around the house for a bit on Sunday before heading out to church and the farmers market. By the time we got back from that, it was past the girls’ normal nap time and they ended up sleeping from about 1:30-3. It was kind of nice but at the same time, I missed them… is that weird? While they napped we played with E and tried to get him to have “rest time” (ha) and I got their suitcase packed up and ready. In the late afternoon, Josh took them back home for the week. Cue tears.

I have really enjoyed getting to take care of these sweet babies for the past month or so, and it is getting harder and harder for me to say goodbye to them each Sunday. I posted something on Instagram yesterday about how it makes me really sad to think about the fact that I likely will not see any of these children grow up into the fabulous people that God made them to be. Obviously Josh and I knew that when we decided to get into fostering, but now the reality is hitting me and it just kinda sucks, to be honest. I guess it’s like anything- you just have to take it day by day and enjoy the time you’re given with the people in your life.

On that note… adios for now! ❤️

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