Hello, June

The summer months are hereeee! I am feeling called to lean hard into REST this season. Not just lounging on the couch rest (although I love that kind, especially if an episode of The Office is involved) but deep, soul rest. Rest that requires putting away my phone and being fully present in the moment. Rest that requires building margin into my days and blank space on my calendar. Rest that allows me to read a book or make a new recipe or go for a swim in our neighborhood pool on a Wednesday evening just because. I’m excited!




Josh and I have some family trips planned but other than that we will be here in Raleigh, hanging out with friends and the sweet kiddos. Speaking of which- the baby girls are walking all over the place now! And trying to talk, which is adorable. Time is flying. I can’t believe we met them just 5 months ago! It’s been so much fun getting to know their unique little personalities and watching them grow.


Whatever you are doing this month/season, I hope it is bringing you a sense of joy and peace! And if it isn’t, the beautiful thing is that you can always change direction.

Here’s to slowing down and enjoying this new rhythm of summer. 🙂


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