July so far + life update

This little blog has been so neglected lately! Life has been good but a liiiittle crazy. The biggest update is that JOSH AND I ARE MOVING. It is so strange to see those words written down; it makes them more real somehow. A couple weeks ago Josh got a great job offer in Winston Salem, completely out of the blue. We went back and forth for days but finally decided that this was a great opportunity for our family and that we wanted to accept the ticket to ride.

Touring downtown WS last Sunday

On the one hand, I am so very sad to be leaving Raleigh- my friends, our church community, and my incredible job at WakeMed. On the other hand, I believe that transitions can always represent excitement and possibility if you let them. I have been trying not to dwell on all the good things we are leaving and instead get excited for what is to come, but some days it’s hard. I really am thankful for the opportunity to move to Winston- a city we have admired from afar for so long- I am just gonna need a lotttt of grace to get through the initial transition!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Whole Foods has The Best iced coffee

More thoughts on this move will likely be coming to a blog near you very soon! For now, let’s just look at photos of our sweet babies in their ADORABLE SWIMSUITS. Can you even handle it???


They both love wearing hats for some reason. Cuteness level: 100.


Lake Johnson 🙂
We went to Chuck’s for Josh’s birthday and it was delish! My burger had avocado, roasted red peppers, and a bacon-onion jam
Absolutely lovingggg this book right now
Gorgeous sunset at a Courage game (photo credit to my hubby!)

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