Loving lately [#20]

I am comin’ atcha from our new MacBook Air! Woooo I feel like a graphic designer or something! Except all I’ve done on it so far is type this blog post and look up Parks and Rec bloopers. Baby steps. Josh got this MacBook for a great deal on LetGo and we have been loving it so far. Our old laptop is still chugging along but not quite firing on all cylinders. Anyway. It’s Friday! And here are some things I’ve been enjoying lately:

Rebbl protein cold brew: This drink is everything and more. It basically tastes like a coffee milkshake and I pour mine over ice so it’s extra cold and delicious. A word of caution: it is on the pricier side but I usually split it into two servings, which makes the price per serving cheaper than a coffee shop latte so I can convince myself I’m actually SAVING money. See what I did there?


Chocolate chip cookie dough Perfect Bar: I have tried lots of Perfect Bar flavors and really enjoy them all, but this one is the best (IMHO). It is sweet and salty, has tons of chocolate chips, and is kind of like eating raw cookie dough but without the whole-risk-of getting-salmonella thing. I’m not trying to be bossy but you should definitely go stock up on these asap.


The Popcast: How am I just now discovering this podcast?! Knox and Jamie are hilarious and have been keeping me company on my drive to and from work lately. I typically listen to educational-ish podcasts so The Popcast is a welcome change. It’s just plain fun and I love it!

Recursion by Blake Crouch: Reading trippy sci fi books has been my new thing lately, and Recursion definitely fits the bill. It’s all about time travel and neuroscience and reality vs memory… there is much more than that but just go read it and see what you think!

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