Raised bed gardening

My dream of having a garden has finally come true! Our backyard already had a raised bed, so all we needed to do was clean it out and start planting. The soil was a disaster and filled with lots of weeds and random shards of flower pots, so it was easier said than done. I will say though that it was extremely satisfying getting everything cleaned out. I also removed a lot of the old soil to make room for a new bag I got at Reynolda Nursery that was specifically for raised beds.

In the middle of extreme home makeover: garden edition

The best part of this venture was picking out plants. It was kind of funny because I did a ton of research and had everything perfectly plotted out, then when I went to the store I couldn’t find half the plants I had planned to buy! Here is what I ended up planting (in order from left to right): cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, and purple cabbage. I also have some containers on our porch where I’m trying out carrots and parsley from seed.


All in all this was a fun and relatively inexpensive project. Now to see if these little guys actually grow into edible veggies! Speaking of edible veggies- I learned a super easy trick for re-growing scallions when you already have one on hand. Cut off the green stalk part and immerse the roots in water for a few days in a sunny location. Pretty soon (like, very soon) the green stalk will start growing back and you can replant the entire thing in a pot. Boom- scallions!





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