Foster care, cookies, & kitchari

It has been quite an eventful week! Last weekend we had sweet little E with us and had so much fun taking him to the Dixie Classic fair and exploring some of the parks in our new city. He seemed to enjoy the fair (a boy after my own heart) but also told us his favorite part of the weekend was eating a lollipop…. go figure.

Is this why Winston is called Camel City? 😉
5 year meetiversary pic!!!
Love these two sooo much ❤

In foster care news, we now have a full time placement! A 3 year old girl (“H”) and a 6 year old boy (“J”). They came to us very unexpectedly (although… I guess it’s always unexpected with foster care?) on Tuesday night. I also started my new job this week, so to say we are going through some adjustments is an understatement! The kids are a bit wild but very sweet. They are super close and J is constantly looking out for H, which is really adorable to watch. We are not yet sure how long they will be with us, so we are just taking it day by day and hoping to make them feel safe and loved while they’re here.

Their first day of school/daycare in Winston!

I also wanted to share links to two deeeelish recipes I’ve made lately. One is this peanut butter chocolate chip cookie recipe that I made to take to a friend’s house for dinner. They are on the healthier side but don’t taste like it in my opinion. The only changes I made to the recipe were to omit the Majka powder (obviously, lol) and then instead of chocolate chips I used a chopped up Lindt bar because that was what I had on hand. Make these cookies, I’m telling you!


The next recipe is called kitchari, and it is apparently an Ayurvedic recipe although I will not claim to know anything about that. I made it on a whim one night when it was a little chilly outside and I was craving something simple, warm, and comforting. This definitely fits the bill for that. I did add some chopped garlic that I sautéed with the spices at the beginning, but other than that I made the recipe as is. The next day I ate some leftovers and topped them with sautéed spinach and avocado. Josh loved this dish and so did E believe it or not, so I think it’s going to be a fall staple around here!


Happy weekend, everyone!

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