October favorites

I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! We had torrential rain here in Winston so we actually ended up trick-or-treating at Publix, ha. The kids didn’t seem to mind and they loveddd their Owlette and Buzz costumes.


October was a busy month with me starting back at work and then of course getting our two little foster bebes. In the midst of all of that, here are some things I’ve been enjoying!

Reading: The Hungering Dark by Frederick Buechner


Watching: Breaking Bad!!! Can’t stop won’t stop

Buying: Succulents and other random garden-related things from House of Plants, which is the most magical little place

Listening: Work in Progress podcast by Sophia Bush (and, as always, The Popcast)

Eating: Black bean soup from Naptime Kitchen

Drinking: Purple Moon shiraz from Trader Joe’s

Side note, I am so thankful for nice people in this world! I was at the Y this morning and when I went to leave, my car wouldn’t start. A very kind man helped jump my car, and then I drove to Batteries Plus where these two employees diagnosed and fixed the issue (which thankfully ended up being minor) at no cost! Very thankful 🙂

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