New Bern, NC

Earlier this week we returned from our annual Hogg family vacation! This time we went to New Bern which is a really cute little town on the Neuse River. We spent our days going to the pool, taking the boat out, playing games, and just enjoying being together. We had a great time although I have to admit, vacationing with children isn’t quite as relaxing as I had naively envisioned! Both Baby K and E were with us so they kept us busy, but I know it was a really exciting trip for E and that made all the hassle totally worth it. Ok, onto some piiiics!
4th of July
Brothers fishing
Evening boat ride
Josh and I with our sweet niece
Reality 😉
Seafood paella at The Chelsea– sooo good
Captain E! He later said this was his favorite part of the trip 🙂
The fam!
My little crew ❤ (note the oxygen tank in the background! lol)
This one is from after our trip but I had include it- happy birthday Josh!!!


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