Trader Joe’s top 5

I hear a lot of people say they save money by doing their weekly grocery shopping at Trader Joe’s, but unfortunately that is not me. I walk in there and impulse buy like it’s my job. Things like dill pickle hummus, kombucha, speculoos chocolate, and roasted coconut chips somehow make their way into my cart when they were most definitely not on my list. So, when I do go to TJ’s it is usually for very specific things that I’ve found to be cheaper than other places and, of course, that taste delicious. Here are my top 5 staples!

-Medjool dates


I love love love medjool dates! They are like candy to me. I usually put them in my smoothies or eat them with some sort of nut butter. 

-73% organic dark chocolate


I feel like I have probably written about this chocolate before? It is my favorite in all the land! Plain, dipped in PB, chopped up into cookies… so good no matter how you eat it. Unless you eat it frozen, because freezing chocolate is insane and does not make any rational sense to me.

-Perfect Bars


At this point I am hopelessly addicted to these pricy little guys and there is no turning back, but Trader Joe’s has the best price I’ve found so far ($1.99 per bar) so I always grab a couple when I’m there.

-Organic creamy peanut butter


This is a pretty basic pick but you can’t go wrong with peanut butter, and this is the best one I’ve tried that is organic, has minimal ingredients (peanuts + salt), and isn’t weirdly expensive. Goes perfectly with the aforementioned dates and chocolate. 😉

-Sweet apple chicken sausage


I almost always have a pack of these stashed in the freezer and they have come to the rescue for dinner many a time! To me they taste best when sliced into little coins and pan seared so they get kind of burnt/crispy. Lately I have been serving them with quinoa, broccoli, and honey mustard dressing.

Honorable mentions include: coconut aminos, nutritional yeast, and almond butter, again because I find that both the price and the quality/taste is excellent. I also love their wine selection and after October will definitely be hitting that up again.

That’s all I have for now- adios and happy eating!

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