It’s the little things

Happy Fridayyy! It’s been a good week over here. These days I am mostly just working weekends and the occasional weekday, so the majority of my time is spent caring for baby K and taking him to his various doctor’s appointments. I am loving it, although sometimes the days seem to pass by in a blur. I have been trying to be more mindful of the “little things” that surround me each day- simple joys that are easy to take for granted. Here are some from this week!

-Lilies. The other day Josh came home with a beautiful bouquet of yellow lilies for me for no particular reason! It made me feel so loved. They are gorgeous and make our kitchen smell amazing.


-Morning walks. It is H-O-T here in North Carolina these days, so getting outside early to stroll the neighborhood has been really nice. I’m so thankful to live in such a walkable area.

-Homemade granola. I forgot how much I love this stuff! I recently made this peanut butter cup granola and this chocolate sea salt granola and both were delicious. Definitely keeping these recipes in my regular rotation.

-ZZ plant. My sweet grandma sent me this and I love it so much. Plant mama forever!

-Peaches. They are just so good right now. (Pictured with my third trimester baby bump!)


-Two songs I have been (over)playing: Ain‘t No Sunshine (Lido Remix) by Bill Withers and Heaven Meets Earth by All Sons & Daughters. Can’t get enough.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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