Asheville babymoon

During the first weekend of September, Josh and I were lucky enough to enjoy a trip to Asheville while his parents watched Baby K for us! We love Asheville and the last time we visited was actually for our 2 year anniversary. This time was a combo babymoon + 4 year anniversary celebration!

By the time we got to our AirBnB on Friday night it was pretty late and we were exhausted, so we just crashed. I think I slept 9-10 hours that night! GLORY. In the morning we enjoyed coffee on the porch in 65 degree weather which was so lovely. I always get excited when I feel the first hints of fall in the air.

Our first stop that morning was a short mountain hike/walk. It was a mile-long loop and the whole thing was nice and shaded. Afterwards we drove into downtown Asheville to explore and grab lunch. It was much more crowded than I was anticipating, but most everyone was wearing masks (even outside on the sidewalks) and practicing social distancing in stores and such.

Our AirBnB had a backyard pool, and the afternoon was spent sunbathing + lounging on floaties which felt sooo good to this 35 week pregnant mama! I had been craving pool time all summer, so this was one of my favorite parts of the weekend.

On Saturday evening we went back into downtown for an amazing dinner at Carmel’s. I got the salmon and Josh got a squash and bacon pizza, both of which were incredible. We then hunted down some dessert at the classic French Broad Chocolate Lounge, which had a super long line to get in but ended up being totally worth it! Josh got a creme brûlée milkshake and a vanilla bourbon truffle, while I got a dark chocolate truffle and the most insaaaanely delicious chocolate + peanut butter cookie.

On Sunday we spent the morning walking around West Asheville and then ate at one of our faves, Taco Billy. This place makes really tasty plantain tortillas which we stocked up on. After brunch we started driving back home and stopped at Black Mountain for a quick round of disc golf. I threw the disc into the water on my very first attempt… whoops!

It was a short but really fun trip, and I am so thankful we got some restful, uninterrupted time together before we transition to taking care of TWO sweet babies this fall! I tried to keep my September calendar mostly free with the exception of some work days, my prenatal appointments, and Baby K’s appointments. In my mind we are already officially on Baby Watch, although I know it could technically still be another 4+ weeks. I’m just so excited and want to spend the month of September prepping our home (and hearts) for baby’s arrival! Updates to come! ❤

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