Life lately (37 weeks!)

I can hardly contain my excitement about meeting our baby so soon!!! The nursery is ready, the hospital bag is packed, and the freezer is stocked with a few meals. Now we’re just waiting on our little guy to decide when it’s time to make his debut!

Something that has been super helpful for me mentally is to read or listen to positive birth stories. I have mostly found these through blogs, but have also listened to several episodes of The Birth Hour podcast. Physically I have still been walking every day and doing the occasional prenatal yoga video on YouTube. My OB also recommended that I start eating 6 dates per day, which is supposed to help with cervical ripening (file under: things I never thought I would say). Luckily I love dates, so this hasn’t been a problem so far!

In other baby news, Baby K is doing great and very recently started sleeping through the night (usually from about 9pm to 7am) which has been a HUGE blessing. I swear sleep is my love language right now! His next court date is in early October, right before my due date, so October is going to be quite the month in our household. According to our social worker, it’s possible the judge may decide to change the plan from reunification to adoption, but at this point I feel like it’s all just speculation. To me the foster care system seems very unpredictable and so I don’t want to get my heart set on any one outcome. All we know is that we love this little boy SO much and will continue to care for him as long as they let us!

Anddd finally, some random things that have been making me happy lately: rewatching The OC on HBO Max, putting mini pumpkins on our mantel, cooler weather, Baby K wrapped up in his Ollie swaddle, The Popcast, reading through Proverbs, taking an Instagram hiatus, burgers and fries from Five Guys. 🙂

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