10 months & 3 months

Hi hi! I hope everyone had an enjoyable Christmas, despite whatever unprecedented circumstances you may have found yourselves in. Our circumstances involved being quarantined with COVID, so unfortunately we were unable to see anyone. Thankfully we are all doing well other than some coughing and congestion. We kept Christmas day super low key- drinking coffee, dancing around to Christmas music, letting the boys enjoy some of their new toys, eating a delicious dinner our neighbor dropped off on our porch, and watching a movie.

On to the real reason for this post: the fact that my babies insist on growing up!!! As I type this, Baby K is sitting on my lap and alternating between staring out the window and trying to chew on my shirt. It has been so much fun watching the boys grow and learn and become more aware of each other- CJ is finally starting to realize that things exist in the world other than milk! This season of motherhood feels so intensely sacrificial to me and I am daily being pushed to my limits both physically and emotionally. Even on the hardest days, though, I know I am exactly where I’m supposed to be and I am insanely thankful to be a mama to these two!

Baby K is now 10 months old, although his adjusted age is 7 months. I am always a little caught off guard when people ask if we want to adopt him, because at this point he feels so much like part of the family that I often forget he isn’t legally ours. For the record, the answer to that question is a resounding YES, and we have another court date coming up in January! Baby K has the sweetest and most fun-loving personality. He is sooo vocal and spends most of his days shouting happily at us from his Baby Bjorn bouncer. His favorite toys are this stuffed elephant that crawls/talks, a monkey that hangs from his playmat, and literally anything that he can stuff into his mouth. This kid has to be teething because he chews and drools on everything now! He gets super excited when we sing or read to him and will hang on every word. He doesn’t crawl yet but is doing much better with sitting up unsupported. He is eating some baby food in addition to his bottles and seems to love all the fruit ones except for peaches. Overall he is a very happy and content baby, and I truly cannot imagine our lives without him.

CJ is now 3 months old and is turning into the cutest little chunk! I am racking my brain for things that he seems to enjoy but honestly, it’s still all about the eating for him right now. He tends to be a little more on the fussy side (this is me trying to be nice lol) but if we lay him on his elephant pillow in the living room, he will happily stare and smile at the ceiling fan. He has started to find his voice and will now just gaze at you with his deep blue eyes and coo away, which melts my heart and makes me momentarily forget about all of the screaming episodes. He is doing great with tummy time and is also starting to be more content to lay on the playmat and try to reach for objects. He seems happiest when I go for a walk with him snuggled into the Solly wrap, which is so sweet because I love having him close to me, hearing his little baby breaths and kissing the top of his head with all that wispy hair.

I will end this post with a little prayer for my babies!

Thank you, Father, for CJ and K. Surround them with your infinite and perfect love. Help them to grow in awareness of you; give them a deep and abiding knowledge that you are good and that you are for them. Let them be light and salt in this world. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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