Hello, 2021!

I woke up in a writing mood this morning and figured I would hop on the blog to chat for a bit! Things have been really good around here lately, and when I say “really good” I mean I am sleeping 7-8 consecutive hours each night and could not be happier about it. I know that could change in an instant though, so I am trying to enjoy it while it lasts. Right now, CJ is napping and Baby K is rolling around on the playmat. A load of laundry is in the wash (lately I have been doing laundry about 4x per week, is this normal?!), and the sink is mercifully free of dirty dishes. I started back at work a couple weekends ago but this weekend I’m free as a bird and looking forward to spending time with Josh and the boys.

I feel like I am finally, somewhat, maybe finding my groove as a mom of “2 under 1.” If I’m being honest, it took me awhile to bond with CJ, but now I seriously love him more than words can express. It has always felt much easier for me to connect with Baby K, and I wonder if that’s just because his personality is so extremely easygoing and playful? CJ is changing daily and has become so interactive and smiley. Baby K got two little teeth (!!!) and is eating like crazy- he currently loves oatmeal cereal, avocado, and anything with pears. Speaking of that sweet nugget, we have court today and the judge is going to determine if they are moving forward with TPR (termination of parental rights). Ahhhh! Foster care is such a rollercoaster.

A few things I have been enjoying lately, in no particular order (and without links or descriptions because I can hear CJ starting to rustle):

Mangrove (part of the Small Axe mini-series on Amazon Prime)

Ted Lasso on Apple TV+

The Common Rule by Justin Whitmel Earley

The Popcast podcast (never going to stop mentioning this, btw)

-Janet Lansbury’s Unruffled podcast

Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man on YouTube

-Chance the Rapper

Ok, I’m off to tend to the babies! Sending much love to you! ❤

2 responses to “Hello, 2021!”

  1. So glad to hear you are settling in to motherhood and getting some sleep! Unfortunately the laundry amount only gets greater as their clothing gets larger and they wear things to different activities. Laundry 🤪

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