Weekend things

Happy Monday, friends! I really want to write more consistently on here because writing is such a form of therapy for me, so my goal is to post once a week if the bebes allow it! They are quite demanding little masters, but adorable ones as well. Speaking of those little nuggets, Baby K is constantly trying to hold CJ’s hand these days and it is just too precious.

Now that I am working some weekends, I feel extra appreciative for the ones where we have zero plans and can just chill. We started off strong on Friday night by watching Ocean’s Eight, which was hilarious! I love Sandra Bullock so much. Also I did not know Rihanna acted?! I really liked her character in this.

The babies only woke up once each during the night on Friday, meaning Josh and I were both able to wake up somewhat well rested on Saturday! Praise! I swear, I will never take sleep for granted ever ever again. After getting the babies fed and changed and happy, Josh took them out for a little drive so I could have some time at home to myself. Shoutout to my deal-loving husband who hit up three different fast food restaurants (yes you read that correctly) and somehow managed to score an entire breakfast feast + coffee for under $7. I don’t know how he does it.

While the babies napped I made Minimalist Baker’s chocolate sea salt granola– it is heavenly. Then we bundled up and went on a little neighborhood walk. In the evening we had our regular Saturday dinner with our close friends/neighbors who also have two boys, so when we are all together it is maximum craziness + fun. They made salmon (my fave) and we contributed rice, green beans, and some vino. Once we got home Josh and I played several rounds of Monopoly Deal, our new favorite card game!

Sunday was cold and rainy so we declared it a lazy pajama day. We watched church online, got our groceries delivered, and mostly just lounged around the house getting ready for the week ahead. I also spent some time reading a book that a friend sent me called The Eight Doors of the Kingdom and am loving it so far. It is a reflection on the beatitudes and has been really encouraging. I will leave you with a quote from the book to hopefully inspire your week! The quote is in regards to Matthew 5:3 – “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”

“Poverty of heart, then, is really the freedom that is present in receiving everything freely and of giving everything freely, setting aside ego, with its pretensions and demands. It means dying to self, a radical detatchment that leads us to the perfect transparency of God’s actions, and to the joy of receiving and giving freely.” -Jacques Philippe

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