Dinner rhythms

Today I wanted to share with you some dinner rhythms that have been working for us lately! I find it really helpful to think of my life in terms of flexible rhythms rather than rigid routines. Although I am a routine/schedule girl at heart, this season of life just doesn’t allow for that and that is totally fine. Rhythms it is!

I’m sure this will change soon, but for now, here is what’s working for us:

Monday: Cook and double the recipe

Tuesday: Leftovers from Monday

Wednesday: My dad brings dinner (bless that man)

Thursday: Cook

Friday: Takeout or leftovers from Thursday, if there are any

Saturday: Burger night with friends

Sunday: Free-for-all (frozen meal, random leftovers, snacks, etc.)

Pretty simple! Since it’s cold out I’ve been making lots of chilis and soups which are super easy to double and/or freeze. Here are some of my favorite (easy!) recipes for these winter months:

Chickpea curry

White bean chicken chili

Chicken and rice soup

Turkey chili

Curried cauliflower lentil soup

Hope this was helpful! ❤

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