Life snippets

Another Monday is upon us! This past weekend was a good mix of both work and family time. Today is a rainy one here in Winston and I’m planning to make one of my favorite soup recipes for dinner tonight. This week we have a few appointments (social worker, pediatrician, etc) and then on Friday my sister is coming into town from Pittsburgh! I’m sooo excited. We’re going to hang out and celebrate Baby K who is inexplicably turning ONE this weekend… what!

The boys are growing and changing so much these days, it’s insane. As far as sleep, Baby K is sleeping through the night like a champ (usually 11ish hours) whereas CJ has been getting up twice to nurse. It’s not terrible, but… I’m still (perhaps naively) clinging to my hope of one day being a well-rested human. Baby K is army crawling everywhere and is getting hard to keep up with! CJ suddenly realized Baby K exists and absolutely adores him- it is precious beyond words. I really hope they are BFF one day.

In other very exciting news, Josh recently came home with Trader Joe’s balsamic glaze and my only question is why have we never tried this before? It’s amazing on pretty much everything. Oh! And we got a new car!!! We had been researching cars for awhile and last week I found a great deal on a 2017 Toyota Highlander so we decided to go for it. I reallyyy like it so far and am super thankful we were able to buy it.

As you know, I always love sharing what has been bringing me joy lately, so I’m going to close out this post with a quick list from the past couple weeks!

Watching: Making the Cut. Not *quite* as good as Project Runway, but still really fun to watch!

Reading: Memento Mori Lent devotional by Erin Moon. More thoughts to come on this!

Listening: The Bible Binge podcast. Informative, thoughtful, and hilarious.

Eating: Purely Elizabeth granola. 10/10!!!

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