Day in the life (3/12/21)

Hi friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend and didn’t get too thrown off by the time change. I worked on Saturday and then Sunday we watched church online and had a relaxing family day. Today I thought it would be fun to share a day in the life with you all! This is from last Friday, but I would say it is pretty typical for us (if there is such a thing as “typical” with two babies under your roof). Let’s dive in!

The morning started around 6am when both boys woke up and were ready to eat. We are still kind of in Crazy Newborn Sleep Land with CJ so for him to sleep in until 6 after only one nighttime feeding was amazing! I fed CJ while Josh gave K a bottle and then I got my breakfast ready. I also tried to read my Lent devotional but to be honest I had to rush through it since two little people needed my attention!

Once Josh left for work I played with the boys and read them some books until it was time for their morning naps. I am really trying to sync up their naptimes and so far it is kind of working?!

Unfortunately naptime was extremely short-lived but I was able to finish folding some laundry and schedule our weekend grocery delivery. Plus eat a snack because breastfeeding hunger is sooo real! I’m pretty sure 80% of my days are spent feeding either myself or one of the boys. After their little power naps it was time for diaper changes, playtime, and of course, more food. Then K had physical therapy from 12-1! His PT comes to the house once a week and they are working on things like core stability, side-sitting, and bearing weight on hands and knees.

Also my lunch is worth mentioning because it was really tasty! I had leftover lentil taco soup + avocado + corn chips. Followed up with a few squares of dark chocolate for good measure.

The afternoons usually feel like somewhat of a blur! This one consisted of all the usual suspects: a neighborhood walk, naps (for the boys), and more food (for all of us). The weather was gorgeous here in Winston last week and I have been loving our afternoon strolls! At some point I also got my things together for work the next day (lunch, snacks, pumping supplies, etc).

When Josh got home he made us a delicious meal from Hello Fresh. We don’t normally do Hello Fresh but we had a free trial and it was a fun way to mix things up for dinner. On Friday we had pork bahn mi burgers with pickled veggies and potato wedges- so so good!

K went to bed around 7pm and then Josh and I relaxed and spent time with CJ, our little night owl. We got CJ to sleep around 9:30pm and I followed suit after reading for a bit. I always read before bed and recently started this book, which I’ve been enjoying so far.

So there you have it- a little peek into regular, everyday life with our two bebes! Have a great week and I’ll see you back here next Monday! ❤

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