Summer 2021

Hello my faithful readers! Between taking care of the boys, starting a small business, working PRN and just keeping my head above water with daily life, writing has had to take a backseat. All of a sudden September is upon us, fall weather is *hopefully* headed our way, and my baby is about to turn ONE! It’s so strange to think that this time last year I was still pregnant with CJ (thinking he would be an October baby!) and K was just the tiniest of nuggets. Eeeeep!

Today I thought I would hop on ye olde blog and share a short recap of our summer. The boys grew like crazy and it was so much fun to watch. K started walking (runnning, actually- ha) and CJ started crawling and cruising. They are just the most interactive and goofy little kids. It was exciting to see them experience a lot of “firsts” like dipping their toes in the ocean, eating ice cream, and traveling to Pittsburgh for the 4th of July to visit family.

It was a full summer for me as I launched Ardmore Oats and we started selling to some local vendors! Josh and I got to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary (!!!) by going to Charlotte. I also felt like we were able to grow closer to our church community which was really special, and I hope that continues into the fall. So thankful.

There is a certain leisure and indulgence that the summer heat and humidity seems to bring. When I think back on this season I will remember spending a week at the beach with Josh’s family, feeling the tug of K’s hand pulling me towards the ocean, CJ getting his first tooth, K’s first pair of shoes, eating ice cream and watching Outer Banks with Josh at night, my family visiting for two weeks, getting blackberries from the farmers market, meeting with my friend and mentor for lunch and kid chaos, early morning walks with the double stroller, CJ giggling and racing around the kitchen table in his walker, the boys trying sooo many new foods, K’s weekly physical therapy sessions, cranking out Ardmore Oats orders during naptimes, reading Elin Hilderbrand books on the back porch, Tuesday night community group, afternoons at the library, and so many more tiny but beautiful moments that I could spend forever listing.

Have a wonderful September, my friends! ❤

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