Halloween 2021

Happy November!!! We had such a fun Halloween with the kids yesterday. We kept it short and sweet, which I think was key to avoiding meltdowns and exhaustion (from both parents and children). CJ was a narwhal and K was a chameleon! They both seemed to love wearing their costumes and being pulled around in the wagon.

At one point as we were walking around, Josh and I looked at each other and commented on how much we enjoy living in Ardmore. It’s just such a lovely community and we felt it especially on Halloween as everyone was out and about. Our neighbors invited us over for dinner in their backyard and even had snacks for the boys which was so thoughtful. Afterwards we met up with some friends on Hawthorne Road and strolled around with them for a bit before heading home. All in all it was a really fun night and now I’m ready to enjoy the rest of the fall season! Hope everyone has a great week!

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