Life with kids has been a study in contradictions for me lately:

emotionally drained yet brimming with love
never alone though somehow still feeling isolated
time moving slowly but also flying by
a noisy home and an often quiet inner life
needing a break from childcare but then missing my kids
busy all day despite having few plans on the calendar
overwhelmed by the children I already have while also desiring more

I’m grateful for this season I’m in, a time to explore these contradictions and try to hold the tension that exists there. Who knew that motherhood had so many layers? There is the pure, simple joy of loving your children that daily co-exists with the complexities of navigating how to be your own person and fill your own cup.

As challenging as all of that can be, I have to say that this is my favorite stage with the boys so far. They are just the most fun and adorable little humans, dancing and singing and crying their way through life with reckless abandon! They are learning new things every day, and so am I.

2 responses to “Contradictions”

  1. Wow it really is crazy how many contradictions there are for a mother. A labor of love! I’m proud of you for how you’re navigating through motherhood so far!

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